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Ukrainian cuisine

Borscht, chicken kiev, halushka and kvass are trademarks of Ukraine.

ukrainian borshch
Borshcht - one of Ukraine's trademarks
Chicken-kiev - another famous ukrainian food
Ukrainian halushka
halushka poltava
Halushka monument in Poltava, Ukraine

One of indisputable noteworthies of Ukraine is its food preparing traditions and national cuisine. Yes, Ukrainian cuisine lacks pretentiousness and refinement of French and Italian dishes, but its cooking techniques are not complicated, no sophisticated names and no multiple or rare ingredients. Historically Ukraine missed the Renaissance period and all subsequent centuries when European cuisines burst development along with grown by leaps and bounds restaurant networks. But ukrainian meals are extremely tasty, nutritious and simple for cooking.
Ukraine cuisine was formed and developed not by restaurants chefs but by people. And almost each dish of it can be encountered in any home.
One of the most recognizable dishes is borshch (often written in restaurants menus as borscht) - soup made with beetroot as the main component, giving it a deep red color. It is hard to believe that just 50 years ago it could not even be found in restaurants or eateries in other Soviet Republics including Russia not to mention other countries of the world.

Another Ukrainian trade mark is chicken kiev, probably the only one dish invented by restaurateurs and certified chefs. From the beginning of 20th century this cutlet started victorious marching around the world. Deryny, or potato pancakes with sour cream are extremely popular in the country. About halushky - a sort of thick, soft noodles or dumplings - ukrainians are telling legends and shooting movies. Recently Halushka monument was installed in Poltava, the city where halushka festival is taking place every year.
But the biggest puzzle and disappointmentt for ukrainians traveling overseas is that their favorite summer non-alcoholic beverage kvass is not known in the world and is not available almost anywhere else. Kvass is made of bread, sugar and yeast, contains no more than 0,5% alcohol.
Ukrainian cuisine has much more to offer than mentioned dishes. And here is a good advice for all coming to Ukraine for first time: spend one evening in national restaurant, ukrainian cuisine desrves it.

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