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Autumn in Kiev

The selection of picturesque photos from Kiev parks and streets.

Volodymyrska Hirka Park

Musician on bench - Volodymyrska Hirka park

Shevchenko park in Kyiv

Road near Mariinskyi park

Kyiv downtown squares

Tiny square near Franko Theatre in Kyiv

Volodymyr The Baptizer monument

Here Kreshchatyk street begins

Late fall in Kyiv
Almost 50% of Kyiv territory is filled with stunning parks, squares and even forests. The largest sequence of artificial parks is laying on the high right bank of Dniper river between Podil district and Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra. Kreshchatyk street ends with historical Volodymyrska Hirka park where stands Kniaz Volodymyr The Baptizer monument - one of Kyiv symbols and landmarks. There are few living houses nearby, so you can find apartment for rent and enjoy the beauty of nature right from your doorsteps. Another noteworthy of this park is funiculaire - rare public transport type connecting the historic Uppertown with underlying Podil. Kyiv has a lot of hilly landscapes.
Volodymyrska Hirka descends to embankment and continues into Mariinskyi Park. A bridge over the precipice, 17th century Mariinsky palace built for Russian Emperors, numerous sightseeing places and monuments are encountered here. One of them is Eternal Love monument, dedicated to amazing story of love between ukrainian woman and italian soldier during WW2.
A little bit further, behind Pecherska Lavra, you will find huge Slavy park on the grounds of former Kyiv fortress, with its enormous monument "Rodina" (Motherland) and grim but extremely cognitive World War 2 museum. There is a museum of historical military technique exposing tanks, machines and guns starting from the early 20th century years.
There are also tiny but quiet and tranquil parks in the center - for example Shevchenko park in front of University, where the following photos where taken from.
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